Handwashing with soap and water may seem to be a fairly simple skill but it is alarmingly lacking in compliance. The COVID-19 pandemic helped raise awareness & importance of hand hygiene but there is great need to encourage sustainable hand hygiene practices post COVID-19 pandemic.

Better living through clean hands

Although the history of handwashing extends back to ancient times, Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis is today recognized as the first person to discover the medical benefits of handwashing. At Clarehands, we want to carry the torch and pass it on to the next generations whilst remembering Dr. Semmelweis’ legacy.

We want to build your organisation’s foundation for cleanliness to ensure that you always have safe and clean hands as a resource for a healthy lifestyle.

We provide a dynamic, friendly, inviting and open discussion on the importance of hand hygiene.

We strive to see people’s well-being, lives & health being transformed by awareness of washing hands with soap & water as the first line of defence in preventing diseases.

We join the global call for all of society to achieve universal hand hygiene.

We are part of the global hand hygiene initiatives and annually participate in dates set aside to recognize the importance of hand hygiene which are 5 May (Hand Hygiene Day) and 15 October (Global Handwashing Day).


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